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  • Josephine Moore

10 Reasons to Spend the Holiday Season in Maine!

Imagine sitting in a rocking chair on the wrap around porch of a historic bed and breakfast overlooking Boothbay Harbor. A blanket draped over your shoulders, cup of hot cocoa (or something stronger) in hand, and good novel in the other. The crisp fall air kisses your cheeks, the sound of dry, colorful leaves rustle on the ground, and church bells across the harbor chime. Fishing and sailing boats float by as if in a time long forgotten. You take a deep breath in, and think, "Is this real?" Welcome, to autumn at Captain Sawyer's Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

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10 It's Maple Season!

All across Maine there are maple syrup activities to be had.

Visit one of our Sugar Houses to participate in all the yummy fun!

9. We Have the Best Ghost Stories

'Thick a fog' is a term used to describe the incredibly thick fog that rolls in from the sea and settles across the rolling hills of Maine. This makes for very good storytelling conditions, Maine is old and so are her spirits.

8. New England's Holiday Baked Goods

It's no surprise that Maine has tons of great seasonal items. What might surprise you is the amazing food and baked items found at our General Stores! From whoopie pie to cookies to blueberry muffins you can find amazing homemade items that are great finds on road trips.

7. Boothbay Lights

Boothbay Harbor has a number of spectacular events during the holiday season. Festival of Trees, Dough Ball & Gingerbread Spectacular, Gardens Aglow, The North Pole Express, Holiday Sparkle Fireworks, and Harbor Lights Festival just to name a few!

6. Reading Stephen King

Ah, the legendary master of modern horror linguistic manipulation, Maine native, Mr. Stephen King!

Did you know he was born in Portland?

5. Scenic Road Trips to Our National and State Parks

Whether by plane, train, automobile, on foot, or on a boat, the parks of Maine are a true sight to behold!

4. Damariscotta Pumpkinfest and Regatta

Ever want to see people use pumpkins as canoes? Like giant decorated pumpkins? Like incredibly cute towns right on the water? Well, you are in luck my friend!

3. Apple Picking

Pack up the car and head to one of our bountiful apple orchards. Most have cider, honey, wood chips, ice cream and so much more!

2. L.L. Bean's Northern Lights Celebration

The footwear of Maine residents if of course, from Maine, Freeport to be exact! They put on quite the show during the holidays!

1. Maine's Fall Foliage

New England's autumnal glow is legendary!

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